diet low in carbohydrates

If you want to try the diet keto, of course, go ahead. Simply slow down, be careful and try to avoid ruining your diet by going to IHOP in the morning Revolyn Keto Burn.


The keto or ketogenic diet has been used for centuries, however, we know that some celebrities have retaken the keto diet to lose weight quickly and steadily, but is it as effective and safe as they say? Will it be so easy and effortless? Here we tell you 3 myths of the famous diet. 


Take into account that any diet you want to make, you should consult a professional to avoid serious consequences.


However, the training employed (resistance, strength and training of high intensity intervals) ensured that muscle mass was conserved and possibly helped mitochondrial adaptation to improve the use of fat. 


For those who hope to follow in the footsteps of the participants, Doyle warned that such a select diet needs special considerations. Emphasis and attention must be paid to the consumption of electrolytes to ensure food safety. The consumption of sodium and magnesium is especially important for a person who exercises. It may be more difficult to obtain and absorb some electrolytes under a ketogenic diet.